Trading for Passive Income

Passive Income EngineTrading for Passive Income is what it’s all about. The chief coach at Market Authority, Sam Johnson recently created a video on how he has created passive income and how you can start doing it as well.

We are looking at a small investment that pays you returns of 20% a month on average. In this example if you used a $10,000 investment you would be making $2,119.67 every month or over $25,000 a year. The return on your initial investment is around 250% a year.

This Passive income cash flow system is based in a small niche in the stock market and only looks at the best parts.

Most people don’t even know what passive income is or if they do, they don’t know how to achieve it. This is money that comes in whether you are working or not. Do the work or take the action once and let it evolve. Should you be Skeptical? Sure. There is no such thing as free money, so don’t expect their not to have any risk.

Who is this for?
1. People with a full time job.
2. People who are retired that could use another stream of money coming in.
3. People looking to add some part time work to their life.

What is this Method?
It is based around finding particular stocks that have risen 94% when a specific action occurs. This particular move is making huge gains in the market in the quickest amount of time. When this event occurs prices have gone up 100% in one day with some exceeding this number.

Some of the gains Include:
1. 322% gain in 28 days in 2012
2. 642% gain in 42 days Less than two months.
3. An 828% gain in 22 days turned $1000 into $9280 before commissions.
4. A 1504% gain in 21 days. These are some serious numbers.
You can see some of the charts below.

What is the Catalyst for all these Move?
Well, it’s Stock Promotions. Taking advantage of these promotions before the rest of the people get the information. Companies pay millions of dollars to stock promoters to get their company in front of 1000′s of people. This type of hype that drives the stock up.

Here is what it looks like on a chart. POTG started at 32 Cents on June 6, 2011. By June 29, 2011 POTG hit a high of $1.24 a share. This is a gain of 240% in 14 days.
POTG Chart

NSRS opened at .23 when he promotion came out. The stock went up to $1.72 in just over 40 days. The math on these is out of this world. See the chart below to see how this stock performed.
NSRS Chart

AMWI opened at .06 when the promotion came out and peaked at $1.38. It made this move in a week. The chart below shows the move in full affect.
AMWI Chart

This last chart shows CPMCF open at .05 and in two weeks went to .82. for a 1,540% gain.

Here is a look at all the promoted stocks that could have been traded and what they gained.
All Passive Income Stocks

How do we find these trades?
Using automation and computers to generate this information is the key to this passive income stream. Using program trading systems allows you to take all the emotions out of trading. It’s usually emotion that keeps you out of winning the big trades. Get in on these trades within minutes of the information being released. This lets us get in on the stock before the average move of 42%. This lets us get in on the green sided move vs being on the outside.

Seeking a certain profit level is what it’s all about. Here is a break down using a 31% profit target on each trade starting with $10000. This is only going for 31% on each trade. It comes out to over $40,000. This is without leverage, shorting or options. 16/18 trades hit their target. Only 25% of profits are rolled into the next trade. Imagine if you increased that number. Rolling just the 25% allows you to keep money in reserve for your take home cash.

The hard part about trading these promoted stocks is making sure you get out before they crash. All of these stocks crash at some point. It’s just a matter of time.

As the product keeps developing we will keep you posted on the new events. If you have any questions let us know.

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